Ulvhäll castle

Ulvhäll castle

Welcome to a magical weekend at castle Ulvhäll 19th and 20th of November. 

As winter casts its dark spell over temperature and humans we invite wonderful warmhearted friends, hot strangers, passionate artist and other guests sure to make the castle and dance floor warm. 

Welcome on Saturday the 19th of November

17.00 - Cocktails 

19.00 - Seated dinner by Ulvhäll's master chef

Dress code: Elegant

22.00 Artist and surprises

23.00 Club Ulvhäll with Dj's and wannabes 

Dress code: My mother and father would kill me if they saw me like this

02.00 "Vickning" Swedish style and ice bath and sauna for the brave. 

Sunday the 20th of November

11.00 Breakfast and brunch, chilling at the castle. 

Below are different ways to enjoy the weekend and the expected contribution (castles and great experiences comes with some costs ☺). From participating free to having a suite and living like a queen or king. Only prepaid commitment is accepted as booking for dinners and rooms. 

Exclusive dinner with wine: 490 sek 

Exclusive dinner with wine and free bar until 02.00:  890 sek 


Private travel options will be provided to and from Ulvhäll at cost. 

Room options including breakfast/brunch. There are in total 35 rooms in the castle and the knight’s pavilion. 

Room for 1:  750 sek 

Room for 2:  1000 sek 

Suite for 3:  1500 sek 

Only party from 22.30 0 sek (if space available) 

Very welcome 

Ola Ahlvarsson 

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